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Hello, everyone

I have a copy of SupCom: Forged Alliance, and I have spent some time playing it finished the story 2 times, but overall I havent really played as much as I would like to. So I was thinking of buying SupCom 2.

I played the Supreme Commander 2 Demo today, because I am thinking of buying it. I was pretty sure it would "win" me, and playing the Demo was only typical or so to speak.

But I was a little disapointed, because it wasnt exactly what I expected.

The graphics are sure a small downgrade from SupCom: FA, and everything else seems, well, shallow. Like there isnt much depth to the game. But sometimes the Demos of very good games dont show their full potential, and can be misleading at times.

I know that if i buy SupCom 1, it would be simply more missions of SupCom: FA. I am not sure if it is worth it.

So I am looking for some feedback, on users who have played both the original SupCom (not the Forged Alliance, I already own it), and SupCom 2.

Should I buy SupCom 1 or 2?

Thanks in advance

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on Mar 26, 2010

Well the demo of supcom 2 frankly sucks. I however love the full game, its got more depth than you can see in the demo, but it is not like the original. So if you are expecting more fo the same forget, its an entirely different game. Matches take usually about 30 minutes or so and the maps are much smaller. Its a slightly simpler and faster paced version of the original.

on Mar 26, 2010

FA is the greatest game of all time in my mind.

SupCom 2, greatest letdown.

Edit: If you wanna get some FA games going, LET ME KNOW!

on Mar 26, 2010

The demo basically contains all of what SupCom 2 offers. Its just longer and you can do it with a slightly diffrent looking unit spam.

on Mar 26, 2010

Again Chris Blowes smoke about his game... Hyped us for Sup com 1 and let us down by not promising what he would diliver... For sup com 2 ???? if this is what they want to call it lol its now a 7 year old game a mindless game and waste of money. When will he learn

on Mar 26, 2010

@OP- I've only ever played the demo (but I've read up on both and played the demo for SupCom2); however, I'd say go with SupCom1.

A warning though- Vanilla SupCom1 Experimentals are much more powerful than their FA counterparts (like 1 vanilla Monkeylord > 3 FA Monkeylords), and more expensive.

That said, I'd also probably get SupCom1 over #2 solely to play the Cybran campaign. I'll let you figure out why.

on Mar 26, 2010

I actually find SupCom 2 rather enjoyable.  There is plenty they screwed up on (dropping the flow-based economy), but they did a lot of thigns right, too.

on Mar 26, 2010

Whiskey, I believe the Aeon GC got a massive HP boost in FA.

on Mar 26, 2010

Well, in general (this is gleaned from the SupCom wiki), experimentals tend to be less "effective" in FA than vanilla SupCom1, however you can get a lot more.

on Mar 26, 2010

One thing in supocom 2 that is definite improvement is that you dont have to upgrade individual engineers and then find that particular one to build a hight level tech.  Its all done in the tech tree instead and any engineer can build anyting that is researched.

on Mar 26, 2010

One thing in supocom 2 that is definite improvement is that you dont have to upgrade individual engineers and then find that particular one to build a hight level tech.  Its all done in the tech tree instead and any engineer can build anyting that is researched.

Its all openion, but I HATE that. A lot. I loved the tech system. You can make a cheap engie to just add build power or a more expencive to have the building patterns.

on Mar 27, 2010

Hmm, from what I see, opinions differ, A LOT.

But my question still stands, which should I go for? SupCom 1 (I already have FA, so it would be for the campaign basically) or SupCom 2, which is not as good obviously but its a new game?

p.s. Teseer, I think I am gonna install FA, and get some games going online, but if you do want to play with me, I have to warn you here: The AI in normal difficulty gives me some trouble in the Campaign mode of Forged Alliance, I have to try to actually win each game.

on Mar 27, 2010

I'll just play stoned. I'm WAY better at Demigod that way but I'm TERRIBLE at SupCom:FA high.

on Mar 27, 2010

got all 3, find all 3 good but 1&2 are very different, levels are a lot smaller in no.2 and some are fun others arent, lot less units in no.2 however your acu can be upgraded to be fairly powerful and some of the new features are good, bit disappointed they dropped the old resource system which was great, no.1 is like FA but not quite as good, if you want more of the same then go for no.1 if you want something diff to FA then go for no.2 but if you do the experimentals arent as powerful, the game does get more enjoyable the longer you play it i find

on Mar 27, 2010

What I loved about FA was the fact that you got to control where your resources go more then any other game. Need that destroyer faster? Assist it. Pause other factories. Reclaim.

The control you have over your resources was why I fell in love with the game.

on Mar 27, 2010

That's something I absolutely love about the demo (I am absolutely sad that I don't have the full version yet; and I will NOT pirate it).

Say I need some Plan B strat missile subs. What to do? Build 5 SCUs and use them to assist the naval factory. It'll get done in a more timely manner.

Of course, the biggest reason I really want SupCom1 is the massive (81x81 km massive; that's 6,561 square kilometers of territory) maps, and the enormous unit diversity (Cybran submersible tanks FTW!!!).

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